Group of People from Perry Elementary

Embracing the Spirit of Giving this Holiday Season

Change Today Change Tomorrow Bless the Block & Toy Drive
This holiday season, Heaven Hill is once again sponsoring a block for Change Today Change Tomorrow’s Bless the Block campaign. This initiative is a beautiful way to support communities and spread joy during the holidays. By providing quality food, clothing, and toys to households, Bless the Block brings hope and happiness to those who need it most. Heaven Hill employees are also hosting an “essential household items” drive in collaboration with Change Today Change Tomorrow, showing that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
If you and your family could use some additional support this holiday season, please visit to register.
Perry Elementary Angel Tree

In the spirit of giving and spreading cheer, Heaven Hill embraced the holiday season with a heartwarming initiative. Driven by our Spirited Commitments and the desire to make a difference, we adopted 87 students from Perry Elementary for their annual Angel Tree outreach program.

Heaven Hill is grateful for our partnership with Perry Elementary, located in the community we call home, especially during the holiday season. Supporting Perry through the Angel Tree outreach program was a way for us to continue our partnership by directly impacting the lives of students and their families, while fostering a Spirit of Thanks and Giving among the Heaven Hill team.

Perry Elementary Teacher Appreciation Lunch

To express our gratitude and support for the teachers and administrators shaping the young minds at Perry, we extended our generosity beyond the Angel Tree initiative. Alongside adopting students, we are sponsoring and serving delicious meals to show appreciation for the remarkable impact teachers have on the youth in the community.

Heaven Hill recognizes the importance of education and the invaluable role teachers play in nurturing, enriching, and shaping future generations, especially in the California neighborhood.

As the festive season brings joy and warmth to Perry Elementary through gifts for students and a special lunch for teachers, our dedication to supporting and uplifting the community continues to shine brightly. From embracing students through the Angel Tree program to honoring the invaluable teachers, we hope our efforts echo the values that truly embody what it means to be a Spirited Neighbor.